Contact: Samuel Satin & Omar Lopez regarding any of the following projects and opportunities. Some of these will have possible stipends associated with them. Others may have technical elective credit.

Current Project Prospects:

ITE Western District 2022 STEM Outreach Project


To get middle school students interested in transportation career paths through engaging STEM focused activities and outreach.

When: Thursday, March 24, 2022


  • Short presentation on MagLev trains and autonomous cars (how they work and benefits to society)

  • Building our own miniature MagLev Trains with the students.

  • Assembly our own miniature self driving cars and having them navigate a small course.

Past Projects:

PSWC 2020

The City of Anaheim is seeking a consultant to provide engineering services for the Euclid Street and Glenoaks Avenue Traffic Signal Modification and Median Islands to Crescent Avenue Project on Euclid Street from Glenoaks Avenue to Crescent Avenue.


Traffic Signal Modification and Median Islands for Glenoaks Avenue to Cresent Avenue

Scope of work

Create a RPF response


5 minutes followed by Q&A

Data Collection Project 2020

Purpose of Data Collection Fund

  • To generate relevant technical data in the West for transportation engineers and planners.

  • To facilitate ITE Student Chapter activity and student mentoring by transportation professionals.

  • To focus real world selection process and on practical, day-to-day, minor research in transportation engineering and planning.

  • To focus on the collection of basic data. The activities shall not involve development of standards, manuals or recommendations. While this collected data may be used by others to pursue these efforts, the purpose of this program is only collection and presentation of data and the desire to help generate additional research interest in these areas through initial data collection.

  • To provide funds to student chapters that may be used to offset travel costs for students to attend ITE meetings, which help them to better understand the transportation profession by meeting a wide range of working members.

LADOT Circle Traffic Study. The study observed vehicular and pedestrian counts, right of way violation, and data analysis during peak hours.

Radar Speed Sign Research. We will be doing a groundbreaking, and difficult, research in the contributing factors to the effectiveness of radar speeds signs and people’s response to them.

Radar Speed Survey. In order for police officers to be able to enforce the speed along certain streets using radar guns, a radar speed survey needs to be completed every 3 years.

Campus Traffic Control Device Database creation. Understanding what traffic control devices are and the many varieties per the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.Creating a geodatabase of devices on campus. Providing recommendations on safety and economically feasible improvements and updates to campus officials.

Policy Position on bicycling and skateboarding on campus. Researching the current policy and regulations regarding bicycling and skateboarding on campus. Identifying the problems and needs, and developing a plan to solve them.

In Road Warning Lights vs Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon research. Performing research comparing the effectiveness of these types of pedestrian safety devices used at crosswalks, and analyzing driver responses to each. Providing a marketable recommendation.

Intersection Studies. Several key intersections have been identified as in need of analysis and recommendations. These will include, signage, education, warrants, safety, and other aspects of traffic engineering.

Roundabout Study. Taking a look at the roundabout near campus and analyzing it and providing a recommendation.

Parking Study. Analyzing the flow, turn over, delay, lost time, and other attributes of the campus parking facilities. Making final recommendations to campus officials on better alternatives and possible alleviation opportunities.

ITE Data Collection and Trip Generation study. Writing a grant application to receive funding to perform a trip generation study at an underrepresented location. Data and study will be used in the next update of the ITE Trip Generation Manual.

Data Collection and Trip Generation Study: Riverside Wal-Mart (Winter 2012). In cooperation with Wal-Mart, City of Riverside, and Western ITE

High School Educational Outreach: Multimodal Bridge (Spring 2012). In cooperation with the Los Angeles Education Partnership and Torres High School’s East LA Renaissance School of Urban Planning and Design.

Several other projects are also being prepared, and need to be confirmed.

If you have a project/research you would like ITE to work on, let us know!